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Iphone 2G
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Apple iPhone (2G) Review

The (original) iPhone is one of the first (if not the first) cell phone to fully incorporate most of its functions using a multi-touch screen. It only carries one main external button, and advanced motion features, including an 3-axis accelerometer, and changes according to its position. Having a very slim figure, it has the access to install games and other apps through iTunes, and incorporates an iPod.
Background Info / Highlights

  • Release Date: June 29, 2007
  • Features many advanced features, such as a touchscreen, iPod, web browser, and apps.
  • Can be synced through iTunes, which gives very easy access to constant updates and bug fixes, as well as the convience to sync music, podcasts, movies, and apps.
  • It was ranked a revolutionary phone
  • It is only offered by AT&T (in the US, though this doesn’t stop a lot of people from alternative ways)
Purchase / Activation
Officially, the only way to purchase the original iPhone was through AT&T with a new service plan, however because of the iPhone 3G, you’re only likely to get it from alternate sources, such as from a friend, eBay, etc. Activation for the original iPhone is done through iTunes. I must note that you are required to have a brand new SIM card, even if you are a current AT&T customer, which they may or may not charge for. The reason is the iPhone has to recode the SIM for things specifically for the phone. Don’t worry though, you can do everything though iTunes.
No matter if you are a current AT&T customer ready to upgrade to an original iPhone, or a new one, everything is done though iTunes, and you don’t even have to step into an AT&T store. I found this highly convenient, as I didn’t have to mess with any sales associates. Because I’m a current AT&T user, I just plugged in my iPhone that I got from a friend, with the new SIM in it, followed the easy instructions, and had my phone setup in minutes.
However, it should be noted that with the original iPhone: if you are a current AT&T customer, you can keep your current plan, however you are required to upgrade your data plan to a $20 one (you will see why later). Also, you phone must be activated to access all of its functions, including the iPod.
Games / Apps

With the latest iPhone and iTunes update, you now have access to the iTunes app store. Apps can be any type of applications for your iPhone, including games.
Though a lot of the apps on iTunes are free, the rest cost money. There isn’t much to review in the category, as each app has its own reviews on iTunes, however I must say that I think the iPhone runs games and apps very well, and they load up almost instantly. A lot of people are claiming that the iPhone is as good as a Nintendo DS or PSP, if not better, which I agree on. You can also download them directly from your iPhone.
Other than that, there is not another official way to download apps on to your iPhone, however you can ‘Jailbreak’ it. Jailbreaking an iPhone basically allows it to be exploited for unoffiical third-party games, or other motifications. Although it may sound tempting, as it can even unlock your iPhone for another wireless service, I don’t see any reason to use it other than that.
YouTube, which is already included in newer updates, is very useful. All of the videos we searched from the main site appeared on the mobile version, and using Wi-Fi, videos were crystal clear, however this isn’t the case with EDGE. Despite this, YouTube videos started surprising quickly on EDGE.

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